magnets and lullabies

by spark

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released October 27, 2010

Music recorded by Spaske, vocals recorded by Attila Borics.



all rights reserved


spark Kanjiža, Serbia

spark is ákos, karesz, peđa and tamás.


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Track Name: magnets
running multiple races at once
I must be the martyr for every single one
feeling every once
in a while, that when I get behind in one
it's done just to head up the other

I'm the only one in the race
I'm the fuckin' favorite

they are counting on me

full speed ahead?
I just can't do that
from time to time to check with the others
I'm stopping by hoping
my decision will make the change
that he or she is so eager to see

here I am, choking my feelings
signing a deal with my demons
yet again, killing a part of me
for a doubtful higher cause
and everyone's bet is on me
Track Name: should you
did it hurt?
of course it did
not 'cause what, the way you said
I've got the point, so don't worry, but I
need to scream it out
it was unnecessary

it's OK to be pissed
so is to be mad
but it's not a reason why you shoud be like that
I know there's no medicine for a bad day
but please cool yourself in some other way
Track Name: no sleep till september
it's all bright, but there's no "sunny side to take"
is it a step forward or my next mistake?

I won't sleep till september
Track Name: should i
I've done it
the words fell out of my mouth
they caused harm and
they caused pain
but I feel lighter fuckin' now
maybe just till the end of this song
maybe just till the end
but I do... I can feel it

and then it comes that familiar feeling
again I'm questioning myself
am I allowed to feel this way

and again
I won't see out the hole I'm in
Track Name: conclusion
sayin' "hello" is easy, except when I have to say it first
I shake all over, from the top of my head till the bottom of my feet
I'm about to loose control, about to loose my mind
these minutes are turning into days
these minutes are turning into years
I can hardly breath
I can not swallow

welcome to life! disappointment guaranteed!
but saying "that's the way it is" never changed anything
never did

so if it's needed, then I'll let my heart be broken hundred times to ten thousand pieces
and it will be worth it!
Track Name: loose ends
am I the reason are you the one, who is to say?
I'm restless feeling these misunderstanding's weight day by day
we've made up our minds, our words stuck in the air
it would be so much easier if I wouldn't care!

but I do and I do and I try and I try

how dare you all judge it?
it's much more than what meets the eye!
love it or leave it, can't tell which is a bigger lie
when I feel
the world's being pulled out
from beneath me
my insecurities
pushing me to places I would rather not be