frog years

by spark

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released September 4, 2014

recorded by attila borics and karesz the corgi at their tanya somewhere near mórahalom, hungary on april the 8th 2014.

cover art by: dóri oláh
inspired by the diy spark patch of beton balázs

thank you all.



all rights reserved


spark Kanjiža, Serbia

spark is ákos, karesz, peđa and tamás.


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Track Name: i'm your apple you're my tree
does this silence come from the void? or is it just the years we have between? locked up words rotting inside did we loose the key or we just never had it? this haystack must burn, we must find that needle i feel like i stuck in the middle of loss and hope what's right, what's wrong where my fading dreams meet with my reality i know i should stop feeding my chain of fear with my low self esteem miles we don't need to be separated from the goldrush of hope for quality time when you sit next to me and our words take u turns on a one way road so i just want to let you know that i miss the smile that we shared as we were breathing in the dust of coal.
Track Name: rediscovering exotelia
back to the roots i forgot all i've learned this part of the map is yet undiscovered i drop to my knees on the ground to carve to survive this month and maybe the next few too to pay this toll one last time and no, not anymore sideroads just let me go 'casue i am fed up with you dead dead end-it-is like your smile and promises i slide back to the first square again auto focus have never worked for me but i should stop burning time and energy before my wall of compromises will be higher than i can climb but now i am stuck in the box and I can't see beyond all my doubts are unresolved i want to look forward to everyday and not to wake up with a stomach ache.
Track Name: heart attack man (beastie boys cover)
oh, what do we know about partying or anything else?
Track Name: the young man and the dried up sea
looking straight into the sun and there is nothing i can see i don't know is it sad i don't know is it funny hello blurry future, is that you again? well i stuck in this land of no expectations as I burned down my boat made of sweet ocean breeze i won't sail away no safe harbours, no trade winds will take my away oh no, i am sinking like a stone, but no matter how deep i'll go although it is getting less and less and less i hope there is still some light left on the bottom of this dried up sea set me free i just want to feel like home again.
Track Name: disappearing ink
yellow snow marks that we were here these are our minutes of fame it says our name it says our name until it melts away, trickles away, flows away, evaporates what is up to me? what is out of my hands? should i try it harder or shall i lower my demands? what feeds the distance that will eat us alive? or do we need persistence and learn to strive? my indecision makes me overthink everything, my best efforts are in flames, my hope's decaying shipwrecked sirens, stop calling my name.
Track Name: cabin fever
i know that i should not bother but it it feels like taking breathe under water my fear from the consequences, tears down my self defenses, chains on my feet, nervous sweat, i'm falling down like a burning jet own hostage of self doubt, my glass calls for it's final drop it's not a knife, not a saw, i know but it carves inside, it feels like though frustration, soul castration there's no hope for good intentions gotta watch my maniac smile, cause that's sign I won't turn around, i don't care if i fall to the ground, wanna leave this junk pile behind cabin fever if there is a crack then i will find it this fuckin' struggle ain't worth it i need to escape goddamnit
Track Name: coffee, beer and inbetween
logout, cogwheels are still grinding witching hours rushing past, streetlights blinding, and as i'm walking i'm still fighting shadows
inside so I drain a keg of midnight to fill my cups with honesty
for tomorrow, it comes yesterday again and i'm stretching minutes to hours, can't find the 25th I have lost the the first ten, anyway. and the tram creeks, shakes, it slides away it's full of us, we're half awake and i hope for the best from the worst coffee that my yesterday won't be my today 8-4:30 9-5:30 10-6:30 and it is already the end of another round of this rat race the tram creeks, shakes, it slides away it's full of us, we're half asleep and i hope for the best from cheapest beer that tomorrow won't be like today