by spark

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released July 11, 2009

Recorded in a basement in our hometown on April the 30th 2009 in 5 hours by Spaske.

Cover photo by Zsuzsi Bózsó



all rights reserved


spark Kanjiža, Serbia

spark is ákos, karesz, peđa and tamás.


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Track Name: life lessons
missing the point, it's scares me the most,
there's no return, no payback cost,
go with the flow or against of it,
what tells the right my heart or my mind?

i'm so tired to make the same old mistakes in brand new situations
Track Name: confessions
once starving for freedom
blame the world done me wrong
I was blaming every single thing
‘cause I had nothing to hold on to

but as time went by,I had
to admit:
"sometimes the best is to let it go"
not to seek the answers through
but to take the blow
to take the blow

it’s so hard to bow my head
but pride is not worth bleeding myself dead
i’ll stay true to myself,
cause in the long run sincerity is all i’ll have
Track Name: soulercoaster
i don't wanna believe in a lord of censure,
in the lord of restraint in, the lord of commands

i don't wanna believe in a god who robs the love from us
who puts it's hand on our mouths, who blasts our pleasures, our delights

i don't want to believe that there is no trust in friendships and
every single word is only a fuckin' lie.

but i want to believe in the dance of all different colours,
in an endless celebration, in the hearts full of passion!!

i want to believe that I can build up every night
what was destroyed by the everydays fight

I WANT To believe that I can keep the fire burnin',
the light shining in my eyes,
that I can make the embers to flare up,
the embers to flare up
Track Name: there is no darker colour than black
when you're broken in your tracks a seemingly frozen heart
misstook steps
when the ground crumbles
beneath your feet
take a look around
catch a grip on the wet concrete when your screams are dead silent
forget about revolution,or self-mystification
when the rain won't stop.

stand a feet,draw the line,
straighten your spine
look at the sky, climb that hill

catch a grip on the wet concrete when your screams are silent
forget about revolution,
open your eyes,
straighten your spine
look at the sky,
and climb that hill
Track Name: ups 'n' downs and wet shoes
i got here somehow
lookin' through the dark window
i better like when it's colourful
but it's only grey, so what can i do?

"i take myself for a walk"
i don't need no one to talk to me (right now)
just goin' alone on the empty streets
crossing over my crunchy feelings

so many things to care about,
no idea how to work them out
but i keep walkin' just toward, away
i try not to think and not to care
try not to think and not to care
not to care

to walk away, and enjoy the rain
to walk away, to enjoy the rain

how the raindrops touch my hands
how wet air refresh my face
those dark clouds what i need to feel the pleasure of sunshine
Track Name: in circles
i'm sure you felt the same
when the memories came and
i'm sure you felt the shame
together with pain

those killin tricky games
which just won't fade

no chance to hide, no safety place

i can't forget them
i don't wanna forget them

i just want to learn...

...to let the things to have their time
and to let them go to let them die

...to let the things to have their time
and to learn to say good bye

...to keep my eyes ever forward and not to
look backward...
not to look backward...
not to look backward...
Track Name: 24420
sometimes i feel like:
"i would be anywhere, but with you"
to burn all my bridges, to cut all my ropes
to leave behind all my fears and hopes

your screamin silence's like ice cold water,
way stronger than my heart's burning fire
endless walks,
no one speaks,
depressing empty streets,
should i stay or should i go?
i don't
i don't know

'cause it's not just all about that
tons of memories that i will never forget

the orange walks, on the crushing leaves,
sitting at the riverside, drinking beers
talkin' about life, what does it mean
playing in a basment, kickin beats

town of silence, you raise me up
town of silence, you mean so much to me
Track Name: let me be
it was so cool, that autumn afternoon
just to sit under that tree
just to let everything sorround me

just to let the leaves to fall
just to let the wind to blow

these little things which
remind me that
there is no reason to hurry
and no reason to race, cause
i don't want to sacrifice my every days

just to be better than someone else
to have more than someone has

to live my life like a competiton
with no reason

i'm here for a short time
i just want to take a look around